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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS- Neurotoxin Injections (Tox)

Neurotoxin injections reduce facial lines and wrinkles formed from the aging process and by hyper-functional muscles. 

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Q: Is that the same thing as Botox? 

A: Botox ® is one of the most common types of neurotoxins. It is a purified protein toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. 


Q: Do you use Botox® or another brand? 

A: At Summit Aesthetics LLC, I use Dysport ® and Xeomin ®.


Q: Where do the tox injections typically go?

A: The most popular areas are the forehead and “Angry 11” areas between the eyebrows. Other common trouble areas include “Crows feet” (the crinkles on the outside of the eye opening), the “Jelly roll” (puffy area) under the eye, puckering of the chin, frown pull, and lipstick lines. I also use tox to soften the skin without going into the muscle, which helps relax a wrinkle such as directly above the eyebrow, down the cheeks upon smiling, along the jaw, and in necklace lines.  


Q: How does this work? 

A: First and foremost, no procedure takes place until you are completely informed and prepared for what lies ahead. The appointment takes 20-30 minutes after we have properly discussed your objective and thoroughly assessed your facial anatomy and muscle pull. All neurotoxins are used interchangeably on each patient. They are all injected in the same fashion, with a tiny insulin-type needle. 


Q: Is it true that tox injections can be used for headaches?

A: Yes! I am certified in helping those with clenching, jaw pain, and temple headaches.  Careful tox injections in these areas have been medically proven to relax the strong pull in these areas for approximately 3-6 months. Also, tox injections in the back of the neck and areas of the trapezius muscles can be helpful in reducing neck pain and headaches. I do not take insurance for these types of injections.


Q: What are other uses for tox injections?

A: I also use tox to the armpits and palms to reduce or prohibit excessive sweating.  Tox reduces pore size as well which is great for the nose! 


Q: How soon before I start to see results?

A: Tox starts to set into the area within 2-5 days, but will take a full 10-14 days to completely settle. Please see the pre-tox and post-tox guidelines for more information.


The way you look and age is completely subjective. Everyone is on their own journey and only you can truly decide if this is the right path for you.

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